Open Master’s Positions in 2023

The group of Prof. Pavlo Dral in College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at Xiamen University has Master’s positions starting from fall 2023.

Prof. Dral has a decade-long successful expertise in artificial intelligence for transforming computational chemistry, and authored ca. 50 articles (including in Nat. Commun., Nat. Rev. Chem., etc.) and 10 book chapters, one book. He was awarded NSFC Outstanding Youth (Overseas) and is a co-founder of MLatom (atomistic machine learning) and XACS program packages. Prof. Dral was doing post-doc in Max Planck Institute for Coal Research in Germany. Please see for more details.

Master’s students in Prof. Dral’s group receive regular supervision, feedback, and support, are encouraged to participate in choosing their research topics and often collaborate with domestic and overseas leading scientists, in Europe (France, Germany) and USA. They also receive mentoring and career advice with good opportunities to continue their studies abroad. Students are also offered additional stipends from group research funds according to the performance, typically, ca. 100-200% of a basic stipend provided by the University.

Requirements: high motivation and interest in doing research, strong problem-solving skills and chemistry background. Good English and programming skills are preferred.

Please contact Dr. Pavlo Dral at to apply and send CV and transcript of grades.

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