Open post-doc position

The group of Associate Professor Pavlo O. Dral is looking for a post-doc with a proven track record of the development, implementation, and application of theoretical chemistry methods for solid-state simulations.

Pavlo O. Dral副教授课题组,拟招聘博士后一名,欢迎具有固态模拟理论化学方法的开发、实践和应用方面研究经历并有志于科学研究的青年才俊加盟。

The candidate should be highly motivated, capable of carrying out projects independently, and creative.


Essential required technical skills: knowledge of Python, Fortran and/or C/C++.



About the group:

we are working at the forefront of accelerating and improving computational chemistry with artificial intelligence/machine learning with recent publications in Nat. Commun., Nat. Rev. Chem., and Chem. Sci., see the group webpage for more details. Our group is working at Xiamen University, China, which is an excellent environment for both research and living.

The starting salary is 200 thousand RMB per year, which can be increased subject to good performance. The living cost is relatively low; thus, this salary is competitive.


我们正在通过人工智能/机器学习加速和改进计算化学,相关成果近期发表在 Nat.Commun.、Nat. Rev. Che和Chem. Sci.,详细请参阅课题组网页

课题组位于中国厦门大学,这里是研究和生活的绝佳环境且生活成本相对较低。 课题组提供极具有竞争力的待遇(起薪20万元/年),此外可根据研究贡献给予一定绩效奖励。

Please send your applications with CV, publication list, and a short description of your expertise to Pavlo Dral,有意应聘者请将您的个人简历、出版物列表和关于您专业知识总结发至Pavlo Dral,

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